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PrEP for US Women: The Role of Women’s Health Practitioners

Worldwide, approximately one million reproductive-aged women were diagnosed with HIV in 2013. 60% of new HIV infections in individuals under age 25 were in women and girls . Globally, 40% of pregnancies are unintended. There is significant overlap between areas with higher rates of HIV and unintended pregnancies.

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PrEP Pharmacokinetics

Dr. Angela Kashuba and Dr. Mackenzie Cottrell along with their colleagues, conducted a pharmacology investigation to determine the number of doses
required for effective HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

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30 for 30 Campaign

Briefing Paper: Integrating HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Provision: A Proven Strategy for Providing More and Better Health Care to Women Living with and at Risk of HIV/AIDS

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Dr. Rana Chakraborty On The Mississippi Baby

Dr. Rana Chakraborty of Emory discusses the case of the Mississippi Baby with HIVE’s Shannon Weber. They review the case, the impact it has had on the medical community, and how it has changed the options available to mother of babies who are at risk of HIV.  ... read more

Bill Short: The Women’s Doc

How Dr. Short came to realize that he needed to look at more than just what was going on with his patient for that particular visit: he needed to ask questions about her wishes regarding family planning and help her to achieve her goals.

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Breastfeeding & Women Living with HIV

Dr. Mona Loutfy talks with Shannon Weber about the Canadian dialogue on breastfeeding and women living with HIV. Dr. Loutfy discusses how to invite a conversation about women’s plans and their feelings about breastfeeding. Her slides are available below the video.      ... read more

Christie’s Place & Peer Navigation

Liz Johnson, Executive Director of Christie’s Place, chats with Shannon Weber, HIVE’s director, about the program, peer navigation, and the training and capacity building assistance that Christie’s Place offers.

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Understanding Perinatal HIV Service Coordination

Perinatal HIV Service Coordination: closing gaps in the HIV care continuum for pregnant women & eliminating perinatal HIV transmission. This CDC webinar on the elimination of mother to child transmission was presented by Deborah Storm, MSN, PhD, Mary-Margeret Andrews, MD, Anne Statton, BA, Executive Director of PACPI, & our own Shannon Weber, MSW, Director of HIVE. The full webinar is available... read more

Dr. Jesleen Rana on Trauma Informed Care

Dr. Jesleen Rana discusses how to serve substance involved women, trauma informed care, and two tips any provider can take away to influence their practice toward being more mindful of women’s prior trauma.

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HIV & Hormonal Contraception

Renee Heffron, an epidemiologist at the University of Washington Partners PrEP study, talks with HIVE’s Shannon Weber about HIV and hormonal contraception.    ... read more