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HIV Positive Men: Having a Healthy Sex Life and a Healthy Family

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Truvada may change the game for women trying to get pregnant by HIV positive partners

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Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center: Safer Conception Options for HIV+ male/HIV- female couples

A New Lease On Life

When Pete was diagnosed with HIV, back in 2007, I assumed the worst. We had been friends for many years after having a romantic relationship back in the late 90’s and I was devastated to hear that someone I cared about very much was sentenced to a life of...

Ben Banks on Thriving and Fatherhood with HIV

Photo credits: Kasiah Banks I remember the day quite clearly in 1991. I was in seventh grade and I had just came home from school. I walked up the stairs and heard my mother crying on the edge of her bed. As a 12 year old child, I innocently asked, “Mom, why are you...